Much like SIRP, Asuka is actually Shinji’s youthfulness friend and also strong feelings to own him

Fluorescent Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days

They always enter battles and you can Asuka try been shown to be envious out-of Rei and particularly Kaworu. On one point, Shinji was welcome to tackle a great concerto having Kaworu however, the guy decides to take care of an ill Asuka rather. The woman attitude regarding inferiority is actually kept, and you may she attempts to overcompensate, since she actually is particularly criminal in the earlier sections of the brand new show, but mellows away sooner. She and you may Shinji fundamentally understand the thoughts and you will claim its ideas for one other, and also by the brand new stop try becoming familiar with are several.

Fluorescent Genesis Evangelion: Gakuen Datenroku

Asuka can be similar to she is portrayed regarding the completely new manga and you may consistently teases Shinji. She actually is an artificially written man, including Rei and you will Kaworu. This woman is alone of your own around three getting had moms and dads or head to college just before the lady newest you to definitely. It is later revealed that on a single regarding their first tasks, Asuka try obligated to destroy their mommy just after Angels got palms of the lady system. Despite the girl hatred out-of Angels, she nevertheless befriends Kaworu shortly after the guy shows their correct society so you can the lady. Unlike almost every other types, she in addition to appears to go along really which have Rei, which is noticeably upset whenever Rei is take to from the Gendo. After the new show, she’s revealed planning to school next to Shinji and Rei, starting up a normal life just after Gendo’s death and beat of the Angels.

Petit Eva:

For the Petit Eva, Asuka is also proven to be Shinji’s childhood buddy, always entering matches. This woman is really active. From the Nintendo DS videogame adaptation, she also shows romantic interest in him and almost kisses your just before becoming disturbed by Kensuke filming them and also the remainder of the fresh cast seeing them.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Regarding 2007 anime Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, Asuka, close to Rei, as well almost every other ladies emails off their Gainax performs, are available in episode six, using bunny outfits employed in a great bathhouse. not, it’s revealed by the end of your own episode that those ladies was indeed instead beastmen inside disguise.

Side of Crawl-Verse

Asuka tends to make a great cameo looks alongside Kaworu, Rei and Shinji regarding fifth part of Marvel’s Side of Spider-Verse land, while the classmates of Peni Parker.

Other people

Asuka can be put about player’s charger while the the girl protector for the Ayanami Raising Venture. Asuka’s endings is to-be a scientist, manga musician, singer, astronaut, nun, and more. She and you can Shinji display an effective comedic recount of their interactions when you look at the the new series from inside the ANIMATE Voice Cassette. Into the Wife away from Steel, Asuka are heavily suspicious of Mana are a beneficial spy and constantly feels jealous of the girl advances to the your. Within her conclude, she comforts Shinji just after Mana’s dying. During the Partner away from Steel 2, Asuka is Shinji’s youngsters friend. Inside her end, she and you can Shinji sleep together with her and he sneaks toward the girl motorboat, making having Germany along with her. This woman is a good playable profile during the Competition Orchestra and.

Profile Cards

Asuka’s Japanese surname originates from japan WWII aircraft supplier Souryuu. The lady German surname arises from the fresh American aircraft company Langley, together with off WWII, while you are their mother’s identity refers to the almost completed Nazi Italian language routes supplier Graf Zeppelin. The girl first-name arises from Asuka Saki ( ?? ??? [ ? ] , « Saki Asuka ») , who is an element of the profile out of a Japanese manga « SuperGirl Asuka » ( ?????? [ ? ] , « Cho-Shojo Asuka ») compiled by Shinji Wada ( ?? ?? [ ? ] , « Wada Shinji ») . The woman mom’s first name, « Kyoko », as well as originates from one to manga’s reputation Kyoko Aoi ( ? ??? [ ? ] , « Aoi Kyoko ») . « ?? Asu » mode « tomorrow » and you can « ?? Kyo » mode « today » into the Japanese. [23] [24]

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